When the next security vulnerability is discovered, and a patch becomes available, Myche Technologies, LLC will automatically take action in accordance with pre-defined criteria including scheduling of installation, configuration changes, and reboot if necessary.

Myche Technologies, LLC utilizes a secure, cross-platform patch discovery and distribution utility that provides an enterprise-wide patch, software, data and task deployment. This essential security tool automatically detects patch-related security vulnerabilities on all machines within a network and provides a fast and efficient method to correct them immediately across all platforms and enterprise boundaries.

  • Security patch database: We use a comprehensive database to identify the latest patches and their priority. This information goes into an assessment of the client networks to determine what updates are necessary as part of security patch management. Prompt installation of critical patches enhances network security
  • Patching to stay up to date: Weekly scheduled security patch management updates software to eliminate known vulnerabilities. Updates cover workstations and both physical and virtual servers. Regularly scheduled patches close off the window of opportunity for exploiting vulnerabilities
  • Regular verification: Installing patches requires followup to make sure the patch was installed successfully and remains in place. Verification is necessary to ensure patches are successful and don't get reverted
  • Comprehensive reporting: Detailed reports are available on patch installation. They list the patches that have been deployed and any remaining known vulnerabilities in the software
  • Testing and curation: It isn't always possible or advisable to deploy every patch. We evaluate patches based on known issues, such as compatibility and code bugs. We work to avoid any situations where patches will break existing software.
  • Third-party software support: We provide third-party patch management support for many popular applications. The list includes Apple QuickTime; Adobe® Acrobat, Flash Player, Shockwave Player, and Reader; Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird; Java Runtime; and many others
  • Multiple OS support: We support patches for both Windows and Mac OS X® operating systems. Windows support includes both Microsoft and non-Microsoft third-party patches, including Apple, Java, and Adobe. Mac support includes native applications as well as the operating system